Painting the Fifth Wall

What color to paint my ceiling? You know that picking out the perfect color for your walls or the perfect rug for your floors can really enhance the look of a room, but don’t forget that the ceiling can play a pivotal role in transforming a space. White is a popular ceiling color because of its neutrality. This also makes it the safest choice. But making an impact with your ceiling color doesn’t mean you have to choose a bold, bright color. Consider using a color or shade or two lighter than your walls. This will insure that the wall and ceiling tones will work well together and it will also create a nice flow of color. Painting your walls and ceiling the same color creates one continuous

Keep your deck looking great!

You’ve got a new deck. Congratulations. Now, what do you do to keep it looking great? First of all, you’ll want to use a semi-transparent stain or clear finish with UV protectors so the grain shows. A deck paint or solid color stain will hide all the grain but does require additional attention. New wood needs to be dry (less than 12% moisture content) to let the stain penetrate. Sprinkle some drops of water on the wood — if it is absorbed into the wood it will accept a penetrating stain or deck finish, but if the water beads up on the wood it is not ready for stain. Wood that will not accept a semi-transparent stain can be hurried along by sanding, power washing or using a deck cleaning p

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