Colors For Nursery Ambience DO Make a Difference

A lot of questions come into mind when creating a nursery for your new family addition. One important factor that brings a lot of questions to mind is color. Is one too bright or another too dull? What will be best for my baby? Psychologically colors do have an affect on adults, so why would they not influence infants? Marketing tycoons pour out millions of dollars for researching the effect of colors on consumers. On some level color seems to have an effect on everything. From hospitals to shopping malls color is used to influence how we act and think. A baby, in my mind, is no less immune to these influences than we adults are. When I was painting my nursery I tried to think of the meaning

How To Remodel Your Kitchen

Step 1 -- Preparing the Room Before following the kitchen painting tips provided here, you must prepare the kitchen by storing all small appliances, clearing everything off the counters and emptying all the cabinets. Move chairs, tables and any other pieces of furniture into the garage or another room. Cover the floors and counters with rosin paper and apply plastic sheeting to windows, large appliances, and the backsplash as well as the doorways to prevent fumes and dust from spreading to other rooms in the home. Mask off the cabinets to prevent paint from getting on them. Prepare a table so you can paint the shelves, drawers and doors. Tip from the Pros: A successful paint job in the kitch

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Note: On-screen and printer color representations may vary from actual paint colors.

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