What the color of your front door says about you.

I’ve been asked the color of my eyes, my mood and even my parachute. But no one’s ever asked the color of my front door. Red, for the record. Apparently that means I’m passionate, according to Debbie Zimmer of the Paint Quality Institute. Zimmer says in a news release that the colors we choose for our doors often communicate our emotions and personalities. A front door is the focal point of a home, she says, much like a necktie is the focal point of a suit. Here’s what a color psychologist might say about the most common front door colors:

Blue: Studies often show blue is the most popular color. A blue front door indicates the homeowner sees his or her home as a place of refuge. Green: This color connotes health, safety, tranquility and harmony. Black: A black front door projects strength, sophistication, power and authority. Red: This powerful color says a home is vibrant and exciting. Brown: A brown front door conveys warmth, stability and reliability, but some darker shades of brown signal a desire for privacy, even isolation.

What the color of your front door says about you - SF PaintSource Benjamin Moore Store

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