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Benjamin Moore: Fall Color Ideas for the Living Room, Dining Room & More

Do you love the warmth of a home and do you enjoy comfort over formality? If so, here is how to achieve a traditional style home. Symmetry And Balance

The decoration in your home must be functional and comfortable. For example, you can put large furniture near your windows or fireplace, which will balance out the layout of the room's space. The aim is to achieve symmetrically whenever it is possible.

Warm Color Palette

Make sure you use rich and dignified colors. The best colors to use include tan, taupe and beige. Try to common these colors with tones of blue, brown, red and green. The key is to use warm color palette within your decor and furnishings because this will help create the look you're going for.

Warm Wood Tones

To achieve a traditional look, make sure to use darker wood tones. This includes oak, mahogany and walnut, as well as cheery. In some spaces of your home, you won't have to cover the entire area with wood, but do feel free to add small touches of wood. For example, you can add cherry railings to your staircase or you can add cedar ceiling beams. These small touches will create a sophisticated look and add an overall feeling of warmth to the room.

Tailored/Refined Furnishings

Traditional rooms don't really use harsh lines, nor do they incorporate sharp angles. Instead, they use soft curves, edges, as well as sumptuousness. If you choose furnishings, then choose ones that are upholstered and not too formal. The key is to get furnishings that are only fairly formal, but are inviting because you still want people to feel like they want to sit down and relax on them.

​If you want to provide your space with the feeling of coziness, then choose skirted pieces. Plus, skirted pieces will balance out the legs of your chairs and tables. Just make sure you choose pieces that are inviting because this is important. Welcoming Textiles

An abundance of fabrics is a must too because it is one of the most major components of a traditional style. Opt for drapes and other types of window treatments, and choose fabric that will fall to the floor. As for patterns, try to choose fabrics that feature flowers, toil, stripes or plaids.

Also, don't feel like you have to stick with one kind of pattern. Go ahead and mix it up, but don't go crazy with the colors. Also, choose non-fabric textiles too. These includes warmer metals for plumbing, as well as glided frames for any artwork you have hanging up.

Trims And Mouldings That Are Dignified

Finally, use dignified mouldings and trims. The finishing touches can make or break an entire look. A substantive trim and great architectural elements can complete a space's look, and best of all you can keep things as simple as you want or as highly ornate as you want. The choice is completely up to you, but make sure you pay attention to the finishing touches because you don't want to ruin the space's look.

We have so many ways to help you find the perfect solution for your home including our light studio that help determine the true color of paint during different times of the day. This matters. Come see us.

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