Which Benjamin Moore Green Are You?

In a world where there are gazillion shades and hues, there is one color that is soft, soothing as well as vibrant, bold and funky. The name of the color is green. The color green is the color of growth, balance and harmony.

From the psychological point of view, the color helps create equilibrium between the heart and head. However, since different greens can denote different personality traits in an individual, learning about which green are you could be fun and exciting.

If you love the color green, you are most likely to be a flexible person. While some people may be either extremely good or bad in handling a situation, your ability to adapt easily to different situations of life makes you a stable and well-balanced person.

A green type person usually has blue and yellow characteristics - gentleness and optimism respectively. People are usually attracted towards you and want to befriend you due to the aura of excellence you show .You are well mannered, gracious and know the right thing to say and do.

Sea Green CW-515

You are a loyal person and can prove to be a good friend and faithful business partners. You are one of those people who do not like troubling people and would prefer having a truce rather than losing a friendship.

Windsor Green CW-505

When venturing in a business or event, you usually are sure about the outcome of it.

You are protective in nature. You love taking care of your love ones and will go out of your way to help them out. You expect praise if you do something good and feel happy when your love is reciprocated.

Raleigh Green CW-525

You have a strong willed personality and do not like when others dictate terms to you. You do your best to win arguments and do not concede defeat easily.

Timson Green CW-470

You are well behaved. Being kind and expressing oneself effectively is one the strongest quality's you possess.

Greenhow Moss CW-450

You can come across as a shy person especially to people who do not understand you. You are patient with people who do not know you well. You are one of those brilliant people who prefer having a practical approach to learning. You are one of those persons who can understand new concepts quickly. You are a practical person and love being close to nature.

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