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Benjamin Moore: Aura Paint Ideal for the Home

Orange is the color that never fails to please, especially for those persons who desire to illuminate their surroundings with pure, extraordinary color. This color is cheerful, uplifting and energetic, conveying movement and creating a sense of order as it transforms spaces.

To achieve exceptional results with stunning shades of orange paint, the Aura® brand is the best option. The richness and vibrancy of its color, coupled with superior performance make it the perfect choice of orange colors for fall to use in your home.

Bronze tone (2166-30) Without being overpowering this deep burnt orange makes a bold design statement. It is a mature and sophisticated color that is both rich and confident making it an excellent selection for an accent wall in a living room, or to update a kitchen.

Soft pumpkin (2166-40) This is a sweet shade of orange as suggested by its name, and is reminiscent of autumn pumpkin pies and jack-o-lanterns. This subtle, almost apricot hue has a creamy undertone which adds an appealing softness.

Montana agate (056) With a hint of red, this rich, saturated orange reflects the trademark red rock cliffs and canyons of the Southwest. Organic materials such as marble, granite and bamboo can be enhanced with its natural tone.

Persian melon (117) This pleasingly peach hue is perfect for powder rooms and transitional spaces, as it has a yellow undertone that complements skin tones. Its softness pairs beautifully with red-based browns.

Etruscan (AF-355) An understated elegance is created by the yellow undertone of this deep, rich amber orange. This spicy, golden shade brings back memories of burnt sugar, cinnamon sticks and caramel.

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