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Ideas for Painting Beautiful Accent Walls

Accent walls are the ideal solution, if you want to enhance your decor without being too excessive. These walls can add beauty on their own, or can highlight artistic pieces or family photographs that are displayed on them.

Ideas for Painting Beautiful Accent Walls Magenta Pink Kids Room at SF Dogpatch Mission Hill Potrero Hill Paint Store

A paint that will be durable should be selected, and Benjamin Moore is known for their one coat options, if you do not want to spend too much time painting.

Not only can an accent wall jazz up a room, but it can blend in with your furniture or accessories such as throw rugs, pillows and lamps among other things. Painting one wall is actually a beautiful way to transition into other sections of your home.

Choose High Quality Paint

There are several varieties of Benjamin Moore paints that you can select from, that will make your accent walls look great, as well as protect against the harsh treatment by toddlers and any bumps and scratches that could occur.

Spread the Love

You can also add an accent wall to all your individual rooms, to highlight the beauty of each one. There can be an accent wall in each bedroom, the living room, dining room and even in the bathroom.

Ideas for Painting Beautiful Accent Walls Green Office Study at SF Dogpatch Mission Hill Potrero Hill Paint Store

Brighten Up the Room

Neutral shades are a feature of modern decorating, but can seem more drab than contemporary, if they are not mixed with a touch of color. On the other hand, painting all your walls in bright colors such as yellows, red and blues is definitely not easy on the eyes. You can instead create interest and add some pizzazz, by painting one wall in a color that will grab attention.

Keep it Subtle

To be impressive, paint does not have to be brightly colored. A nice contrast can be created by using subtle colors along with dark or light hues. An example could be the pairing of a very light green, lavender, tan, blue or pink with some neutral colors. This will enhance your decor beautifully.

Ideas for Painting Beautiful Accent Walls Living / Dining Room at SF Dogpatch Mission Hill Potrero Hill Paint Store

Choose Carefully

To decide which color is best for your accent wall, you can place several color swatches beside your already painted walls as well as the colors used, or that you plan to use for the rest of your décor.

Thousands of paint options are available for you to browse through in our color galleries. If you are still not able to decide which Benjamin Moore paint to purchase for your accent walls, you can use our online Personal Color Viewer. With this tool you can visualize how paints will work with each other, as you use the viewer to paint your own virtual room.

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