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Benjamin Moore And Its Zero Emissions Paint

Benjamin Moore And Its Zero Emissions Paint With Natura® Zero-VOC provides

breathtaking color that has long lasting durability. None of the unnecessary stuff found in lesser quality paints.

It should be easy to create a safer and greener living environment for you and your loved ones. Finding products that meet all of your wants and needs while remaining environmentally sustainable should be simple. Natura® by Benjamin Moore is highly preferred by our customers. Find out why.

Benjamin Moore maintains a long-standing commitment to providing eco-friendly products that beautify and protect the home. Natura® goes a bit beyond zero VOCs by providing zero emissions and almost no detectable paint odors, so that there is absolutely nothing between your stunning rooms and you.

Benjamin Moore also has a manufacturing process that is fully patented and streamlined to ensure that neither aesthetics nor the quality of the results supplied are compromised. When you use Natura®, it is good for your home and far more beneficial to your family and the natural environment. Some of the benefits are below.

  • Eggshell, Flat and Semi-Gloss Features

  • Almost entirely odorless

  • Zero emissions and Zero VOCs

  • Certified as allergy and asthma friendly

  • 100 Percent Acrylic

  • Supplies a washable, durable film

  • Resistant to spatters

  • Unlimited selection of paint hues

  • Recoat in just one hour for a rapid return to service

  • Boasts the Green Promise designation

  • Self-primes on many surfaces

  • Voted Product of the Year for 2015

Patented Manufacturing - Natura® is currently produced on a dedicated manufacturing line to ensure no emissions and virtually no odors. With zero emissions, zero VOCs and almost no odors, this paint allows you to quickly return to use after painting.

The color selection is unlimited - you don't have to give up your options when you go green and thus, it is possible to get Natura® paint in any Benjamin Moore color.

Primer and paint in one for a quick, seamless and hassle-free application that requires far less paint all around

Provides a film that is both washable and durable - so you can scrub and wash walls as necessary and these surfaces will maintain their aesthetic appeal for many years.

Paint products that boast the Green Promise designation are assured by Benjamin Moore of being eco-friendly and of meeting or even exceeding the most stringent industry regulations and standards, while providing the same superior performance that consumers have come to expect from the Benjamin Moore brand.

Benjamin Moore Paint

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