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How Colors Affect Your Mood

Studies clearly indicate that color can affect your mood, especially when it comes to your immediate surroundings such as your home. It is all too common to become lethargic and endure sleepless nights and headaches if you live in a dreary and unappealing house.

There is an almost endless variety of colors available, as a visit to your local home improvement store will verify, and simply changing the colors in your home can have a huge affect on the overall health and well being of you and your family. If you really want to feel happy and content in your home, consider painting it one or more of the following three colors:

Many sleepless nights are caused by tension and stress, and painting your bedroom blue can help to ensure that you enjoy a more relaxing night's sleep. A soft and neutral shade of blue is best if you want your bedroom to be a calm and relaxing retreat from the cares of everyday life.

Most of us feel relaxed and energized when enjoying a park, forest or other green and natural outdoor space, and indeed green, with its feeling of nature, is one of the best colors there is to soothe and relax. You can enjoy a calm and serene atmosphere in your house if you paint one or more of the rooms a nice relaxing shade of green.

Red is associated with excitement, energy and passion and if you want to stir up excitement and enthusiasm in a room, red is the ideal color. If you like to host parties or get together's, red can be the perfect color for your dining room or living room, and once your guests enter a red painted room, they are much more likely to interact with each other, and generally have a great time.

Even though it is your home, the house you live in can be depressing, gloomy and downright unpleasant if you don't use the right colors when decorating. You and your family deserve to enjoy a relaxing and peaceful environment, and if you choose one or more of the colors indicated above to paint your walls, you won't go wrong.

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