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Moore Color Trends: Gentelman's Gray, Shadow, Ebony King + Night Shade

With a collection of over 3500 colors, Benjamin Moore is here to make your Christmas even more vibrant. A color capture app for phones allows you to bring photographs of your favorite colors and match them with the present database. Not only this, if you are a professional, there are many more dynamic options for you to deliver to the client's requirement. A few of the most popular colors are mentioned and discussed here.

Gentleman's Gray Gentleman's Gray 2062-20 is a versatile color that can be used in different shades for different spaces. The color in its basic form gives a feeling of relaxation and peace. You can use its darker shades for washrooms and exercising area. Its lighter shades would make for a great relaxing environment in the bedrooms. You can use them on the walls and the furniture. The color is generally paired with other neutral colors.

Color Trends 2017 Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2017 is a collection of 23 rich colors. These colors can be paired together or used independently. The collection gives you an idea of what is trending around the world. These are designed and developed by the core team at Benjamin Moore. However, the inspiration is drawn from around the world.

Night Shade 2116-10 and Ebony King 2132-20 are included in the palette. Shadow 2117-30 was called 'allusive and enigmatic' by the company since it can give a feeling of energy or harmony to a space.

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