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Romantic Ambiance: Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2017

With the New Year just a few weeks away, resolutions are already being made and while you may be dreaming of a romantic getaway in Italy, your romantic getaway could be much closer to home. With these new, love-inspired shades from Benjamin Moore, your resolution to get away with your special someone can happen right there at home, saving you thousands of dollars and helping you to create a space that you can enjoy together for years to come...

Meeting of the Minds The deep, plum-grey of Sea Life 2118-40 by Benjamin Moore is equal parts mysterious and romantic. This shade also gives off an air of intelligence which makes it perfect for your at-home library. Splash it on the walls to evoke feelings of old world charm or use it to accent your favorite furniture pieces.

Creative Collaboration Shadow 2117-30 is the perfect hue for creating a bold statement in any room of the house. If you connect with your spouse best in the kitchen, try this shade in a large dining/kitchen area to create a space where togetherness and creativity combine. You will dream up some of your best work and best dishes.

​Gothic Romance Deep burgundies and plums were all over the 2017 fall runway and what we see on the runway often makes its way into the home. Benjamin Moore's Dark Burgundy 2075-10 combines Gothic romance with the new "it" hue for fall. Pair this shade with rustic, romantic elements to pull your look together.

Timeless Love If you are looking for a classic love story come to life, Knoxville Gray HC-160 can help you to create that timeless look that you are dreaming of. Whether you want to add a romantic bent to your bedroom or a chic, classic look to your living space, Knoxville Gray has what you want and it has it in spades.

From garden grays to deep plum shades, you will fall in love instantly with the Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2017 is already eyeing for its favorite spaces. Here's to a new year of romance, style and home sweet home. With Benjamin Moore, they all live happily ever after.

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