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How to Use Festive Colors at Home

Benjamin Moore festive colors aren't just for the fall - they can brighten up your home all throughout the year.

If the decor in your home is looking a little bit stale, consider a fresh coat of paint. It's one of the easiest ways to brighten things up and give your home a festive air.

Festive Orange 2014-10

Of course, there is always plenty to be done during the festive season, or on special anniversaries or occasions, such as serving snacks and cocktails to friends, or planning a large scale dinner party.

However, finding the time for decorating your home, and making it look appealing and festive is often difficult, when you have so many other details to sort out.

These useful tips can help to give your home a whole new look, especially if you find it difficult to come up with new ideas.

Use the Benjamin Moore color gallery of paints to paint your dining room or living room a shade darker or bolder than the one you already have. You can find a choice of several coordinating and related colors to your existing color by simply finding the color matching the current color of your walls.

Simply painting the walls a different color can give a fresh and exciting look to smaller rooms, such as the bathroom.

You can freshen up a room quickly and affordably by adding a new coat of paint to the accent areas and areas of trim.

It's time to focus on the table setting once you have used the many Benjamin Moore festive colors to brighten up your rooms. The overall design of your dining room should feature a functional, yet elegant and attractive dining room table, and the tablecloth, napkins and other parts of the table setting should complement the colors of the walls and trim.

If you want to impress your guests as well as your family, use one or more of these Benjamin Moore painting tips to transform and freshen up that outdated or drab room. Remember you may be decorating for the festive season, but the benefits can be appreciated and enjoyed all throughout the year.

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