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What Paint Color Should I Use in My Home?

With a wide variety of color paints to consider for selection, making a decision on what paint color should I use in my home, Benjamin Moore is where I start. Whether choosing dull colors or going with bright paint colors, a few pointers can help you in making the right decision.

Which room is it?

Different rooms in the house serve various unique purposes. Each requires a consideration on the paint color chosen, and tailoring colors or shades of colors to fit the purpose of the room is important. For instance, the bedrooms may require a warm color while the laundry room needs a cool color.

Get a second, third opinion

Since the room is to expected to also serve other members of the family, asking for their opinions is vital. Using a color pellet while discussing the options available will enable informed choices. Choosing the right color involves matching it with the contents of the room. If it is empty, the color should go with what is to be placed in it.

Try it on

It is difficult at times to fully picture how the room will appear with a particular paint color. Paint a plaster board with the color you are considering then place it on the wall and see how it blends in with the furniture, floor, or decors in that room in different lighting conditions. Rotate the plaster board to get a global image of how the different parts will be with that color, considering how it will appear during the day, when the curtains are drawn, and in the evening when the lights are switched on.

Choose the right Benjamin Moore paint

When you head to your San Francisco paint store to pick a paint, choose a sample size to start.

If you like it, take it

After getting a few strokes of your selected paint on the wall and you love it, then do not hesitate anymore. You have just cleared the hardest hurdle on your path named what paint color should I use in my home, Benjamin Moore. Paint your room and enjoy the fresh new look.

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