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Sandlot Gray, Porcelain, Wet Concrete + Sea Star - Benjamin Moore Paint Colors

Freshen up your home with a new coat of Benjamin Moore Paint. You can pair your favorite selection with Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2017 to help those of us that may be color pallet challenged. Some of the hottest colors of the year seem to be more neutral colors with stark accents.

On the official website you can use the tool provided by picking your favorite color and it will show shades and similar colors that go with your selection. The tool also allows you to pick a different room in the house and see how the color selections will look along with furniture and lighting suggestions. You can also see how it will appear in an exterior example of color mixes.

Benjamin Moore Sandlot Gray 2107-50, is a fantastic neutral color that pairs well with blues and light yellows. Using Sandlot Gray on the walls you may want a darker accent trim on your wood work and highlights of the light or pale yellow in your furniture selection.

Porcelain 2113-60, is a classic color that can lend your inspiration to a bold choice of Bordeaux Red with Bitter Sweet Chocolate to accompany it, or a beach feel of Smoke Grey with Cloud Cover for a totally different take on your home's attitude.

Wet Concrete 2114-40 may not seem like a color you think about, but the color is actually a fantastic color for an accent wall. It pairs well with different hues of grey and soft white tones or creams. Picking up a color selection at your local paint store will give you the true to tone color, but the online tool is really effective for helping put colors together. The online tool also provides advice for how to begin your project idea and color inspirations to help you out.

Sea Star 2123-30 is that beach feels light toned blue color you see in all the cottage look homes. It is a fantastic base color for your home's exterior with pairings of pale greens and creams. This is also a terrific color for your home's interior. The soothing quality that this color lends will be sure to give the feeling of waves splashing in the distance.

Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2017 is sure to provide you with all the tools and color selections you will need to spruce up your home or to change your theme altogether.

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