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Metallics Are the New Neutrals

Professional home decorators have long known how to use metallic finishes to their best advantage. Metallic finishes such as brass and gold can be used effectively as "neutrals," especially when paired with colors that accentuate their natural good looks. The same is true with modern, high gloss metallic finishes. Once you learn how easy it is to create stunning rooms with metallic finishes, you will surely agree that metallics are the new neutrals of home decorating.

If you want to create a dramatic and yet traditional look, gold and brass accents are your best bet. These finishes have long been used to add a decorative look to a room. For example, a gold or brass framed mirror, displayed on bright blue walls, will create a dramatic look that is both traditional and a bit modern at the same time.

If you want to add a more strikingly modern look to a room, metallic shades of basic colors can work well. These eye-catching, jewel-like shades are the perfect way to add a bit of exciting pizazz to your décor. High-colored, bright wall shades look great when paired with metallics. When painting a wall with a deep, bright color, it is important to use a quality finish. Benjamin Moore paints come in a wide array of bright, bold colors, each of which covers beautifully.

Some metallic finishes, such as antique gold and pewter, have a more subdued look. However, some metallics have an eye-popping high gloss finish. High-gloss finishes can be used within a room to add a more modern look. These finishes pair especially well with bold, bright walls, such as blue or black raspberry.

Metallics also look great when paired with black or white. When paired with black, metallics will add to an overall elegant, chic look. When paired with white, metallics look crisp, modern and fresh. Because they are basically "neutrals," you will find it easy to work these versatile finishes into any room.

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