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Using Your Ceiling To Make A Statement

Many homeowners use a variety of means to create a desired color scheme for the areas in their homes. These can include the wall colors, furniture, rugs, paintings, lighting and often a dizzying variety of other accessories as well. Curiously enough though, an important section of the room that is often overlooked is the ceiling. Seemingly, the rule of thumb here is to leave the ceiling a matte white, irrespective of the hue of the walls as well as the overall color scheme of the room. Interior Designers have jumped aboard the bold ceiling train in major cities around the U.S.

Ceilings offer a creative space vital in altering the geometry, ambience and overall mood of a room. Use of the ceiling isn't a new notion, but has come back into style in a huge way. This is however not to suggest that there is anything wrong with painting your ceilings white or some other soft and light color. In fact, there is a good reason why light colors are so commonly favored for use on ceilings which is that they give the impression of the room being a touch taller than it actually is.

However, for this very reason, you may consider using bold colors for the ceiling of your room, especially if the ceiling is a bit taller than usual. Bold colors will appear to have lowered the ceilings and thus serve to create a cozier feel around the room. Also, if your walls are of soft or neutral colors, bright-colored ceilings will help animate these colors and will give a radiant and cheerful look to your room.

This, in fact, works in quite the same way as does an accent wall. In addition, if you have an ornate or decorative ceiling, carefully chosen ceiling colors will serve to accentuate those decorative, architectural features. To provide an example, if your ceiling features plank beams, it is a good idea to use a contrasting color for your ceilings which will make the beams stand out.

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