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Inspirational Colors for Your Kid's Room

Primary colors are an excellent choice, especially for parents in Dallas and Plano, Texas when decorating their child's room. Not only are the colors bright and cheerful, but they also work well with childrens’ décor. When using primary colors in your kid's room, here are some tips that will help you achieve great results.

What Do They Want?

When painting a child's room, it is always a good idea to first get his or her input. A child's room is very personal, and he or she should be allowed to help make color decisions. Even if he or she comes up with some surprising color suggestions, every effort should be made to try to incorporate his or her choices within the room's color palette.

Colors and Their Effects

Red is a splendid color to use in a child's room. Some studies have shown that red can energize the body and excite the mind. However, to encourage restfulness and sleep, red is often best used in smaller quantities in bedrooms, or as accents.

Yellow is a color that often inspires cheerfulness. It can help boost a child's motivation, increase his or her level of concentration, and promote a sense of jubilation. Accents of yellow within a child's room can brighten the space, giving it a warm, sun-splashed look. Yellow is also a great wall color to use if a room is being shared by a brother and sister, since it is perceived to be gender neutral. Yellow walls also make a great backdrop for other primary colored accessories, such as red and blue shelves.

Blue is always a great choice for the bedroom, as it is a color that tends to calm the body and mind. If your child tends to have difficulty sleeping or calming down before bedtime, blue can be a fabulous choice. Blue also works well if you are planning to add a chalkboard wall to your child's room, as it goes well with a charcoal or black color. Painting a wall with chalkboard paint will provide your child with an incredible blank canvas that he or she can use to redecorate the room every time creativity strikes.

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