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How to Use Yellow and Green to Illuminate Your Home

Are you looking to brighten up your home in a new way? Though you may think that this is best done through the use of ideal lighting, another way to do so is to make use of vibrant paint colors. Read on for ways in which you can use bright green and yellow in your house for a great effect.

Lime Green

Why not try out a vivid lime green in your bathroom or living room? Green usually is a calming color, though this brighter shade is excellent for increasing your focus and energy. It is sure to be a welcoming sight for guests who come into your home. It is fresh, and perfect for when you want to be inspired and have new beginnings in your life.

Lime green is paired beautifully with black, brown, and other neutral colors for a contrast effect.

Bright Yellow

When you want to improve your mood, it is a good idea to have some cheery yellow around you. Painting with yellow in an entryway is a great way to welcome your guests and create a warmer atmosphere. This is ideal to do for the dreary winter months.

If you have a workout space, you may want to consider using some yellow to paint it. It's perfectly blended with blue for a tone that is sure to boost your energy levels for a top-notch workout.

When you are deciding what colors you should use for a new paint job in your home, you should think about what colors appeal to your senses. The ones that you like most will create surroundings that are comforting and help you enjoy being at home. These considerations must come before what will impress your loved ones.

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