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Perking Up The Powder Room

Even though it may be the most used space in your home, the bathroom is often overlooked when it comes to decorating. Usually a small space, but still the perfect area to experiment with colors, patterns and other fun ideas. Much effort is put into kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms when it comes to decorating and design. Bathrooms fall by the wayside, but are still able to wow your guests and excite family members with just a little ingenuity. Color is your first step in making the lavish lavatory of your dreams.

Boldly Going Where Not Many Have Gone Before (or maybe just you)

Benjamin Moore's Aura Collection offers paint made specifically for baths and spas. Aura Bath and Spa paint stands up to the humidity that can wreak havoc on bathroom walls. When using color, a brightly colored accent wall can do the trick to add a focal point to the room if you choose not to spread the shade to all of the walls. This adds a much needed splash of color without being overwhelming. For something new and unique, try painting just the ceiling in a bold shade. Using crisp white on the walls and pops of color in the accessories is a win for this design.

White Is Neither Boring or Bland

Using white in the bathroom is a no-brainer as it adds an air of freshness and a clean feeling to the room. Using white as a background with a brightly hued trim is another fabulous idea to add pizzazz, but not overdo it. If you'd prefer not to add color to the walls or trim, add them to the accessories in the form of towels, toothbrush holders or pictures. You can opt for a uniquely designed light fixture and muted gold accents which pair beautifully with a clean white palette.

White is a favorite in small bathrooms as it makes the space appear larger in size.

Muted Colors with Perfect Trim

Pastels are a great choice to add a light color to the walls, but not stray too far from white. Benjamin Moore's Pink Damask 890 and Excalibur Gray 2118-50 is a super retro combo that will jet you right back to the 1980's. Another popular choice is a dark trim in Black. Black and pink is a classic duo that never fails to amaze. Letting your favorite colors grace the walls, ceiling, trim or accessories for your bathroom never fails. The possibilities are endless, happy decorating!

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