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Perfect Pastels

On trend is a minimalist approach to decorating and people are being reintroduced to the concept of "less is more." Simple furnishings and decor provide a soft, clean look, that's still comfortable and elegant. This focus on creating spaces that are peaceful, calming and a place to be mindful, are popular with younger generations who prefer travel and experiences over trinkets and knickknacks. By clearing away the clutter, it is easier to enjoy the space for the purpose it was designed for - either dining, reading or sleeping. A nice way to add a soft touch is to paint the walls a light cream or white and add your pastel color on the ceiling. A delicate blue, such as Benjamin Moore Constellation AF-540 on the ceiling invokes feelings of having the open sky above you. Pastel shades of pinks, greens, blues and neutrals have often been used in sitting rooms, nurseries and spas.

Benjamin Moore Raleigh Peach CW-205 creates a pleasant reading nook in the room above. Paired with a shade that is in the same color family, but a different hue prevents a monochromatic feel. Studies show that our minds actually respond to color and this works to your advantage when planning the perfect spot for study or meditation. Benjamin Moore offers a wide variety of neutral pastel shades that are appropriate for all areas of the home. Using neutrals on the walls offers the opportunity to add pops of color through decor, which can easily be changed out with seasons and trends.

Pastel green shades are perfect for bedrooms and baths, offering a natural-like feel. Benjamin Moore's Guilford Green HC-116 offers a true neutral with a soft touch of green. Adding real or faux plants furthers the nature-inspired vibe and brings a breath of fresh air into the space. Jute rugs and other natural fabrics are perfect for a bedroom with this theme. Try neutral fabrics with earthen tones pillows as accents.

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