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Set The Tone For Your Home: Spectacular Entrances

From the moment we step onto the property, our home speaks to us. The exterior sets the tone for the rest of the home and making an impact is important for you and your guests, not to mention curb appeal and resale value. Benjamin Moore is the King of Color with it's great palettes and innovative paint. Grand Aura Entrance is the perfect paint to color the exterior of your home. This paint boasts a Lifetime Limited Warranty, fade resistance and unparalleled color retention. It goes on smoothly and ends with a luxurious and lustrous finish. It's available for interior and exterior projects. So why don't we start there?

Consider these pointers to create the perfect sentiment when redecorating the entry to your home.

Imagine if someone told you that your front door would impact the overall mood of your house? It sets the tone for the sentiments your guests experience when they arrive there. There are certainly opportunities to go big and bold, or stay more calm and reserved. The exterior of your home sees no mercy from sun, rain, heat, humidity and freezing cold. To stand up to these punishments, you need a solid base from which to spring your creativity. Benjamin Moore developed Aura Grand Entrance just to suit your front door's need to thrive and appear brilliant despite the weather's harshest mistreatment. The color will remain vivid and the durability is outstanding.

Making the front door the centerpiece of your curb appeal is simple. Since more exteriors tend toward a more neutral palette, a vibrant front door makes a statement all the way from the road. Consider it an accessory that pulls the style together in a meaningful way. Color accentuates architecture and landscaping while giving the eye an area to focus on. Reds, yellows and oranges are similar to another and create a warm mood. They work well as a stand alone accent, or on shutters and doors. Greens, blues and grays are considered more reserved and elegant, in cases where navy blues, hunter greens or charcoal gray are used.

Moving forward to the foyer of your home, take in some cues from that room to make the color flow through the area. Colors of the same family will flow well together as they will represent the continuity. Further using them throughout the house gives you the option to control the feeling, whether it be calming blues or exciting reds.

If choosing a bold shade isn't your cup of tea, consider using them as accents - possibly a house number marker in a bright yellow and then carry that shade on through the front door into pictures on the walls or pretty vases.

As with any home project, Benjamin Moore Paints offer the selection and guidance to make your project simple and fun to complete. SF Paintsource has the paint, supplies and expertise to make your remodel a smooth success.

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