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Adding Cool and Calming Colors

There are spaces in your home that you'd like to promote a calm, relaxing and comfortable feeling. Light blues, greens and pinks are quite popular paired with white and soft grays in this type of environment. Benjamin Moore's ben Interior paint in Harbor Fog 2062-70 displayed in the photo above gives the space a clean and modern feel, while promoting a sense of calm. Addingi in natural elements, such as the fireplace further promote the mood.

Midcentury Modern is still a popular trend and these colors play beautifully into the design. White adds the crisp, clean feel and the blue soothes.

Benjamin Moore's Harbor Fog is carried over into the above picture in this work retreat. It's an inspiring space that promotes creativity. Bolder colors can be added in for a fun accent to ensure the space has some flair to it. Putting the space near a large window adds to the area with the natural scenery inspiring happiness.

Pink isn't just reserved for nurseries or little girl's rooms. It's the perfect touch to a guest bedroom or cozy reading nook tucked away. Benjamin Moore's Proposal AF-260 graces the walls of this gorgeous bedroom. The pale shade inspires an airy feeling that's refreshing to wake up to first thing in the morning. Mixing opposing textures with these soft colors brings life to what could end up being a monotonous space. For bedrooms, including luxurious fabrics and fluffy pillows adds a polished feel that brings sophistication to a simple room. To further the airy feel, the refreshing walls in the above photo are paired with Benjamin Moore's Frostline AF-5 on the trim and ceiling, adding the perfect finishing touch.

Benjamin Moore offers a vast array of beautiful colors while offering expert advice and professionally prepared palettes to take the guesswork out of your next home project. Using the above examples, push forward with your room renovation and create the inspired space of your dreams.

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