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Exciting Home Trends to Give a Chance

Home Design styles are ever-changing in our world today. While some prefer to stick with a certain design, others like to liven things up every couple of years or even every season. Looking to spruce up a room or change the feel for the upcoming season? Here are a couple of designs to fully incorporate into your home, or just take a piece or two to make your own unique scheme.

Embracing the "Woody" Craze

If you frequent Pinterest, or subscribe to interior or DIY blogs, you may have encountered the Woodland trend that has been taking over weddings. Brides look to using natural themes as a guide including moss covered backgrounds and bouquets using leaves and branches.

As this trend moves into your home, this look calls for deep hues of browns and currants. Using the colors of the forest landscape as your guide, this trend brings the outdoors, in. Think transition from spring and summer greens to darker hues of bark and berry. In the winter, cozy knitted fabrics bring warmth and a sense of sleepiness to the space. Another key element is layering up chunky knits. We’re seeing ‘giant knitting’ trending on Pinterest, with searches for the term up 200% for the year. This truly autumnal trend is all about hibernating and creating a happy home in which to do so.

Key colors to hop on the train with include plums and golden browns. As for the accent pieces in your space, include rustic country type fabrics, pictures of woodland animals and bouquets of dried flowers in simple glass vases. Use wreath and floral arrangements infused with twigs and branches.

The Updated Nordic Look

Any fan of Ikea is familiar with Nordic designs. The store is chocked full of simple and modern furniture and global decor from each corner of the world. We've adored this trend for a while and it's gotten a boost to keep the style from being too cold and sterile. Incorporating various textures and fabrics comprise the room's drapes, linens and pillows to promote a layered feeling. Staying true to global designs, use a varying array of hues to color your room. Pick up inspired decor pieces at Cost Plus World Market and think of using vases with beautiful designs in bold colors. Instead of moving to white for furniture options, try lighter, bleached or ash colored wood furniture pieces. This lifts the room and will help light up the a dark space.

Colors to showcase this beautiful design include lavenders, sages, and soft pinks. You can use tinted whites as well, to make the room brighter. Go beyond the old pastels and refresh them with globally inspired bright colors for an exciting and fresh contrast. Tassels and pom poms are fun embellishments adding to the design.

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