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January 2019: More Exciting Design Trends to Give a Chance

Interior design underwent a remarkable shift in 2018. When we thought we had seen it all, home designers proved how wrong we really were. From black prints, black finishes, black fixtures, and black furniture, black pretty much took over every design element in 2018. Another spectacular interior design element from 2018 is the use of materials acquired from nature. Granted, this wasn't a surprise to many of us but this year; it has been taken to a whole new level. Natural elements make spaces appear warm and authentic not to mention the important fact that they are environmentally-friendly.

Bored with the interior décor of your home? Here are more exciting design trends to give a chance in your next home makeover.

The Global Nomad

As the name suggests, this trend is inspired by the different cultures and décor elements of the globe. It sets a new standard when it comes to colors and materials. Done predominantly in a soft and sweet monochromatic setting, the global nomad toolkit offers an urban, yet contemporary look to any space.

Some of the design elements you are looking at include raw-edged cushions, tassels, fringing, rugged cushions, feathers, worn timbers, recycled home accessories, leather, texture and earth colors such as Benjamin Moore's English Ochre CW-290 and Putnam Ivory HC-39.

The Modern Maker

The modern maker is all about celebrating the artisan. The design trends feature a contemporary yet rustic look that utilizes natural materials in the shades of putty. Unlike global nomad, modern maker walls are adorned with stone to enhance calmness and set a good base for wickerwork, rattan and textural basket weaves.

To make the most of this design trend, mix up natural materials such as earthenware, wood, clay and woven materials. Layer them up for an even more comfortable and cozy appearance. Consider using play grays like Benjamin Moore's Black Pepper 2130-40 and Metropolitan AF-690 plus oatmeal neutrals.

The New Nordic

Want to move away from the all-too-popular Scandi look but still maintain style in your interiors? Try the effortless new Nordic design trend. Inspired by the Scandinavian culture, this design utilizes textures to enhance the depth and create and welcoming space. New Nordic makes use of palette range of accessories and furniture with the richness of color enhanced by the soft tonal textures and dark-pigmented light woods. Key colors used in this design trend include sage, lavender, canvas white, and blush pink.

The Luxe Revival

Luxe is yet another sensation in the design world. It is a highly versatile trend that utilizes decadent pieces of furniture, accessories, and fabrics in the colors of rose, (try Benjamin Moore's Damask Rose 2082-50,) ochre, and burnished gold. The luxury materials can be in detailed/smoked glass, velvet, and marble color schemes. The predominant design in Luxe revival is minimalism displayed by round-shaped art decors, minimalist frames, mirrored or black-gold finishes. The good thing with this trend is that you can create it in so many ways and colors.

These design trends should only point the direction for you. Why not stick to certain standards when you can have a wanderlust experience of your own? Get your creative juices flowing and add your personal touch to your space.

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