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2019 Best Interior Paint Colors

Every year brings in new and exciting trends for the home. 2019 is no different. You can find any style or scheme that suits your tastes and now more than ever, you're able to cater to your own details instead of jumping into the deep end with a look that isn't completely your vision.

Muted Pastels are the 1980's corals, blues and pinks that have come back with an updated flair. If bold isn't your style, this is a gorgeous way to keep the tone basic, but add in beautiful touches to brighten up the space and keep it from going drab. There are so many ways to decorate with pastels - from using them as the main color to the room or keeping them to accents or pillows on the furniture. Whatever your pleasure, muted pastels can no doubt find a place in your home this year. Try a similar scheme to this picture with Benjamin Moore's Driftwood 2107-40 on an accent wall and Atrium White OC-145 on the main walls.

Warm and inviting shades of mushroom or hazelnut, never really go out of style and blend well with existing furnishings, making a redo a snap. These colors anchor your design and allow you the freedom to change up your accents with the season or your mood. Using these creamy colors help to bounce light and make the room appear larger than it is. These colors are gender neutral, timeless and give props to our appreciation of nature and the tones of wood furniture most commonly found in our homes.

Bold Hues stick around and can be used in a variety of ways. You may opt for minimalist furniture and bold accents in pictures, vases, lamps or decor, or you can test your tolerance with painting an accent wall with a bright color such as Benjamin Moore's Royal Flush 2076-20 (seen above.) If that scenario isn't to your liking, try taking this color and painting the ceiling with it. Techniques such as this draw the eye up, without giving you overload when you walk in the room. Simple walls painted in Benjamin Moore's Mascarpone AC-20, perfect the classic elegance you strive to keep.

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