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Using Benjamin Moore's Notable Dry Erase Paint

Benjamin Moore's "Notable" Dry Erase Paint is the perfect way to turn any home office, classroom, company common space or work area into a center for creativity.

Not only does Benjamin Moore's Notable Dry Erase Paint go on quickly and easily, it delivers a huge advantage for those who enjoy using dry erase presentations.

Fun ideas may be to use just a small square, like your typical cork board as an area for notes and ideas. You can use Notable Dry Erase Paint on many surfaces to create areas for each family member, worker or collaborator. Consider using it as a message center in your office instead of mailboxes that can sometimes be forgotten or over looked.

How To Use Lighting To Boost The Look Of Any Office

In addition to covering one or more walls with Benjamin Moore's Notable Dry Erase Paint, consider improving the overall look of a home office with some bright light. Here are a few concepts to think about when it's time to add lighting to any home or office space:

Don't Overdo It: Too much accent light can ruin a room's look in short order. The word "accent" means just that: a little bit extra. You can purchase accent lights at any hardware store. Try out a few different kinds before settling on what works best in a given space.

Think "Indirect:" With accent wall light, don't be concerned about aiming the beams directly at the accent wall. Notice how museums and art galleries use light. It's usually soft, indirect and not always white. A bold light shining on your latest project ideas will make it difficult for everyone to see them.

Consider Color: As noted above, experiment and try several lighting approaches before making your final decision. Try to use a mixture of soft colors and a bit of white light for an accent wall.

Taking Advantage of Accent Walls

Accent walls are the first things you see when entering a room. For decor purposes, these areas are the most potent and have the highest potential for design elements. There are several things to remember when leveraging the design power of an accent wall.

First, don't be afraid to use a bold color on accent walls. If you use Benjamin Moore Notable Dry Erase Paint, go ahead and let your creativity run wild when choosing a color.

Even though it usually works to have a bold-colored accent wall and three neutral ones surrounding it, try to make sure the non-accent wall colors don't clash with the accent wall's bold hue.

Finally, keep in mind that there's a lot more to decorating an accent wall than adding a coat of paint. Think about placing a few unique art pieces or furniture items in front of an accent wall to get the most out of the space.

A productive accent wall can add a lot to an otherwise neutral office or classroom space and it doesn't take much more than some dry erase paint, a few accessories and an eye for what you like.

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