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The New Benjamin Moore "It" Color For Your Kitchen

As with most things, trends are always changing. Whether it's fashion or home decor, there are always "it" trends to follow. When it comes to the world of home decor and deciding on paint colors, the latest idea is painting your cabinets an enchanting shade of blue. If painting the cabinets isn't that look you were going for, try taking that perfect blue and using it on an accent wall or every wall in your kitchen.

Color choices can give off a certain feel or change the mood of an area. Pairing them with other design elements to warm them up or cool them down can achieve a certain look, whether it be modern or traditional. If you aren't sure what you like, consulting with a designer or an expert at SF Paintsource can be the starting point you need to design a scheme that's you. As a suggestion to keep with the trend, try Benjamin Moore's Van Deusen Blue (HC-156), shown to on the cabinets in the photo above for a bold, yet muted color.

Navy Blue in the Kitchen

Kitchens have long been the room in a home where people like to add their favorite color. Whether it's for the farmhouse look of painted cabinets or the modern look of a bold and dramatic kitchen, there are several ways to control the look and feel of a kitchen space by knowing how much of a certain color to add. When it comes to dark colors like navy blue, the rule of thumb is that you want to balance it so the space doesn't appear cold or cave-like.

Pairing a navy blue with lots of white is one sure-fire way to keep a kitchen space feeling open, while still adding the dramatic navy blue element to characterize the space. Most often, designers recommend using a darker color on the lower half of a space and a lighter color on the top so that it feels balanced and light. In the photo above, we've reversed the idea if you aren't willing to commit to painting your cabinets. It still looks great.

In this respect, a navy blue kitchen island is a great way to add that dramatic flair while keeping the rest of the kitchen feeling light and open. Try Benjamin Moore's Old Navy (2063-10) for a darker, but gorgeous and rich hue.

Adding elements to warm a dark color is another way to keep the "cooling" aspect of dark colors at bay.

Pairing warm wood elements with a navy blue is another effective way to keep a dark space feeling warm and cozy.

When deciding on a paint, try Benjamin Moore's ADVANCE Interior paint that's perfect for use on trim, cabinets and doors.

For the walls, using a durable and scrubbable paint such as Benjamin Moore's Regal Select Interior Paint is a must. Find great Benjamin Moore products at SF Paintsource.


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